Will Your Sagittarius Man Be Jealous And Possessive?

Updated September 2, 2023

Is a Sagittarius man jealous and possessive in a relationship? Most of the time, he won’t be!

Sagittarius men aren’t the type to be possessive or jealous toward their partners. They are usually more laid-back. They respect their partner’s independence and freedom.

A Sagittarius man getting jealous isn’t impossible, but he’s not usually the jealous type. If he does ever feel jealous, he won’t lash out, and he’ll get over it quickly. He doesn’t want to act like a jealous person.

Sagittarius men want independent partners. They won’t act possessive or controlling because they can respect boundaries. They also value freedom more than anything and will give their partner a lot of freedom.

Your Sagittarius man will trust you. He won’t get overly emotional or angry because you do something without him or talk to another man.

He’s Not a Jealous Partner

Are Sagittarius men jealous? It’s not impossible for a Sagittarius man to feel jealous, but he’s not usually the jealous type overall.

Some amount of jealousy is normal in a relationship. Everyone has insecurities and can’t help their feelings sometimes. A Sagittarius man isn’t the type to let jealousy control him, though.

Sagittarius men don’t have jealous personalities. They are usually more easygoing. They want independent partners. They don’t get jealous when their partners do things without them because they will do things without their partners too.

A Sagittarius man might get jealous occasionally, but it’s unlikely to be a significant issue. He will not let his jealousy control him, and he won’t let it become a problem in his relationship. If he does get jealous, it likely won’t last long.

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He Respects Boundaries

A Sagittarius man in a relationship will try to respect boundaries. If he loves you, he will do his best to obey the boundaries you set with him.

While Sagittarius men aren’t always good at setting boundaries or obeying “unspoken” boundaries, they will listen when you put a boundary in place. If you tell your Sagittarius man that you don’t like it when someone constantly texts you, he won’t do that.

Your Sagittarius man isn’t going to demand that he come along any time you go out. If you tell him you need space, he will give you space. If you ask him to leave you alone for a few hours, he will.

A Sagittarius man won’t hold your boundaries against you, either. He’s not going to assume that you’re cheating on him just because you don’t want to be bothered while you hang out with friends. He won’t think you’re doing something you shouldn’t when you ask for some alone time.

He Values Freedom

Are Sagittarius men possessive? Many of them are not. They value freedom, and they don’t have any desire to own or control their partners.

A Sagittarius man isn’t going to act possessively over you because he values your freedom. He won’t feel at all like he owns you or is entitled to know where you are and what you’re doing at all times.

Your Sagittarius man doesn’t want to take away any of your freedom. He doesn’t want his freedom taken away, either. He will treat his partner how he wants to be treated in that respect.

If a Sagittarius man ever crosses a line, you must remind him that you need your freedom and independence. That will make him back off and change his behavior.

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He Wants an Independent Partner

How Sagittarius men act when in love isn’t always different from how they act when single. A Sagittarius man will still want a certain level of independence, and he wants an independent partner too.

Your Sagittarius man won’t expect to always know exactly where you are and what you’re doing. He’ll expect you two to continue to live your own lives outside of your relationship, and he’ll be perfectly okay with that.

You likely won’t see possessive behavior from your Sagittarius man when you’re apart. He won’t expect you to call or message him constantly if you’re out of town. He’ll want you to have fun!

A Sagittarius man isn’t going to do anything to stifle his partner’s independence. He won’t let jealousy stop her from doing what she wants to do, and he’s not going to act possessive or controlling.

He’s Not Controlling

Sagittarius men are not controlling. They don’t want others to tell them what to do, and they won’t usually tell their partners what to do either. They’re more likely to do things separately than try to make their partner do something with them.

What makes a Sagittarius man jealous? A Sagittarius man might get jealous if you play upon pre-existing insecurities. He won’t become controlling because of that jealousy, though.

For example, if he’s already insecure about your relationship with an ex, he might feel jealous if you compare him to that ex or spend more time with them than with him.

Your Sagittarius man is unlikely to tell you that you can’t hang out with that ex. He is not a controlling partner. If his jealousy comes from a place of insecurity, he’ll likely try to control how he reacts instead of controlling your behavior.

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Trust is Important to Him

What irritates a Sagittarius man? A Sagittarius man hates it when his partner won’t trust him, especially if he hasn’t given them any reason to be distrustful. For him, jealousy and possessiveness can be a sign of a lack of trust.

Sagittarius men are very optimistic. They want to trust their partners, so they do. Jealousy and possessive behavior are typically signs of a lack of trust, and that’s not usually an issue for a Sagittarius man.

Your Sagittarius man will trust you to respect boundaries. He’ll trust that if you go out to a bar, you won’t betray his trust just because you’re drunk. He’ll even trust you to hang out with an ex because he trusts you to know how to behave.

He’s Not Overly Emotional

Like all fire signs, Sagittarius men can be passionate and expressive but aren’t always overly emotional.

Sagittarius men like to express “positive” emotions. Your Sagittarius man will be openly happy, excited, and optimistic. He’s more likely to cover up sadness, anger, and insecurity.

Your Sagittarius man might feel jealous sometimes. He’s not going to act jealous, though. He may have insecurities but won’t act outwardly sad or angry because of them.

A Sagittarius man is more likely to keep it to himself if he feels any “negative” emotion. He won’t lash out at you, even if he sometimes feels jealous or possessive. That’s just not how he is.

Your Sagittarius man might talk to you about his feelings if he’s learned to be more open and vulnerable. He won’t act overly emotional, though, especially regarding jealousy.

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He’s Laid-back & Relaxed

Are Sagittarius men clingy in relationships? They aren’t usually clingy at all. They tend to be more laid-back and relaxed, even in a committed relationship.

Your Sagittarius man will usually act laid-back about most things in your relationship. If you want to go somewhere and he doesn’t, he has no issue with you going alone or with someone else.

A Sagittarius man isn’t going to overthink it when you talk to an ex or don’t text him while you’re out for the evening. He’ll relax and enjoy his time alone instead of worrying about what you might be doing.

Sometimes, Sagittarius men are too laid-back in relationships. Instead of fighting for you or trying to spend more time with you when you pull away, he’ll just let you go.

He Won’t Lash Out If Jealous

Even when a Sagittarius man is jealous, he’s unlikely to lash out or have a big reaction to that jealousy. He can hide his feelings when he wants to, especially if he thinks his jealousy is irrational.

Your Sagittarius man is more likely to withdraw when he feels jealous. He’s not going to get angry or start acting possessively toward you. He’ll deal with it on his own.

Should you make a Sagittarius man jealous? If you try to make a Sagittarius man jealous on purpose, you likely won’t get the reaction you’re looking for. He’s not the type to lash out when jealous.

If your Sagittarius man knows you’re purposely trying to make him jealous, he won’t lash out. He might feel upset, but he’s more likely to ignore you instead of giving you a reaction.

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He Gets Over Jealousy Quickly

Everyone gets jealous sometimes for both rational and irrational reasons. Your Sagittarius man might feel jealous if he sees you talking to an ex or if you compare him to a male friend. He’ll probably get over it quickly.

A Sagittarius man isn’t going to sit around being jealous for very long. If something makes him feel jealous, that feeling will usually be a passing one. He’ll get over it quickly, especially if there is no reason to be jealous.

If a Sagittarius man knows he can trust you and there is no chance of you leaving him for someone else, he won’t be jealous of that person. He’s not going to genuinely worry.

Your Sagittarius man might talk to you if he isn’t getting over his jealousy. Otherwise, he’ll let the feeling pass and won’t bother you.

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